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We set out to design an ultra stable, safe and durable kite that makes riding accessible to a wide audience. We came up with the PS, now available in its third generation. Today the kite is widely used by schools, newcomers and those seeking to speed up their progression.

The PS offers plenty of power and performance with rock-solid stability and forgiving flying characteristics. The Delta shape comes with a moderate flying speed and a huge wind range for maximized fun no matter the conditions. Not only the kite but also the price point is well-balanced without compromising the kite’s quality. To build the PS we work with leading suppliers and manufacturers and solely use highest quality materials such as the amazing X2 Ripstop Canopy made by Techno Force™. Furthermore, we also implement proven and leading safety features such as the pull-in-bridle-system that diminishes the risk of line tangle.

For this year we redefined the overall design to improve the flying characteristics and also enhanced the durability by placing new reinforcements at points of high stress, especially the leading edge and at the struts. The PS is built for heavy-duty usage and can take one crash after the other without casualties, so you don’t need to worry about your kite and can fully concentrate on your progression. As crashes come naturally to those learning and pushing, we designed the PS to relaunch automatically, even in light wind. This greatly increases the time of riding and is especially appreciated by cold water warriors.

The fine-tuned aspect ratio of the kite delivers a consistent and strong pull upwind as well as a comfortable lift. This allows the rider to easily go upwind, jump big and then enjoy plenty of hang time, perfect for old school and freeriding tricks. Going for jumps feels natural as the kite offers direct feedback and highly praised stability. Overall, the PS is a machine that pulls you upwind, takes almost any abuse and provides carefree shredding-fun. The PS gets anyone addicted to kiteboarding.