Wingsurfing is the latest trend in water sports
To be able to Wingsurf of course you need control over the Wing.
With us (Kitesurfschool Best) we teach you in simple steps how to hold the Wing, in which position, how to go from sitting to standing with the Wing and how to steer with the Wing. In small steps we familiarize you with Wingsurfing.

It’s safe and easy to learn
You can surf in different weather conditions
You can quickly get on the water and enjoy surfing
Wingsurfing is a great workout for your body
Everyone can Wingsurf, from young to old
You can practice wingsurfing in different ways

Thanks to my step-by-step plan, tailored to your options and the extensive material that I make available, success is guaranteed!
Do you want to experience this new surf sport? Then book a Wingsurf introductory lesson here.
Wingsurf lesson Private € 275, –
2.5 hours incl material F-one 2021